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Mistakes of not fully understanding Rules, and how to execute Moves

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     Now lets talk about the most detrimental mistakes that can be made by not only beginning wrestler, but more experienced wrestlers as well. This mistake would be not fully understanding the rules fully, and how to execute moves properly. After discussing these problems there will be some wrestling tips listed to help anyone with these problems.

     So first off lets discuss wrestlers who dont fully understand the rules of wrestling. Even if someone is just a little unsure then this can effect their wrestling greatly. Because this will make you wrestle more conservitaly to make sure you dont break any of the rules and get penalized. For example, lets say you dont know the rules regarding locking around your opponents waist with your arms in collegiate wrestling. In a match you will be apprehensive about ever locking around your competitors waist in fear of getting penalized. This in turn could allow him to excape or even do a couple reversals without you knowing if you can defend by holding him by the waist, or not. Just by not knowing that one aspect of the rules could result in you not being able to be victorious.

     So first off when it comes to wrestling you need to know what type of wrestling your competing in, (collegiate, freestyle, or greco-roman). Because all of them vary so make sure you know what type your in. The posts following this article will be stating the rules to each style of wrestling and also a little about each type. Then once you know which one your in then you need to obviously memorize all the rules and terms. Then you can wrestle with confidence knowing in full detail what you can and can not do.

     Alright another important aspect that a lot of beginning wrestlers make is how to execute moves. It can be very frustrating when you learn moves in practice but the next day you cant remember the steps on how to do it. It can be especially frustrating when this happens during a match in front of not only your coaches and fellow team, but a crowd. Thats why on this site a list of takedowns, escapes/reversals, and pinning combinations will be featured so its easier to learn. For some wrestling tips obviously you need to repeatively practice these moves so they become a natural movement. But more importantly you need to learn moves with proper form and technique. Becuase those are the key things that either makes a move successful or not. So along with the list of moves you will have tips and techniques to each move that you will need to know.

     The last wrestling tip on this subject would be Do Not try to learn all the moves you possibly can. What you need to do is pick two takedowns, escapes, reversals, and pinning combinations. Then master those moves. If you go off and try to learn everything you can, when it comes to a match you wont remember, or will mix things up. So keep it simple and just specialize in a few moves for takedowns, escapes/reversals, and pinning combinations.

     So the next posts will be the rules of collegiate, freestyle and greco-roman wrestling. This will be found in the wrestling rules catagory. Also with a few moves and each day I will keep posting more and more moves to give you more variety.

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Common mistakes beginning wrestlers make on the Mat

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     In the last article I went over common mistakes beginners do before a match. So now lets talk about the mistakes on the mat, and some wrestling tips to try to help prevent you from doing these mistakes yourself.

    First off lets talk about neutral position stances. I always see kids standing to straight up, you need to bend your knees and get low. Or else you leave your legs wide open for an attack. So keep your body and center of gravity low so now you can protect your legs.

     Also have a staggered stance, or one leg in front of the other. Do not keep your feet next to eachother. This is because its easier to make someone loose their balance when their feet are together than if they have a staggered stance. Also when you move about the mat DO NOT EVER cross your feet! You will get taken down.

     Another mistake commonly performed by beginners is they dont keep their heads up. If your head is not looking up straight, then your opponent can put his hand on your head and then he will be able to control where your body moves. Also if your head is being pushed down then you will actually lose alot of your power. I will explain this in the next article in more detail that will talk about beginners and when they try to do a takedown and get stuck. After reading that article you will see how much power you lose when your opponent pushes your head down.

     Now lets talk about tie-ups. When you tie-up with your opponent most wrestlers put their heads together ear-to ear. This is incorrect, the proper way to tie- up if you are going to push your head against your opponents is to have only the tops of your heads touching. During your wrestling season you will probably hear your coaches tell you this as well.

     The next article here will be the common mistakes made when a new wrestler either doesn’t fully understand the rules, or how to execute moves, this will be in the wrestling tips for beginners catagory. This will be a very important article because if you dont know what your doing then obviously dont count on winning too many matches, if any. Along with this will come with a list of rules, some moves for beginners, and wrestling tips on how to do these moves so they are very effective. This will be the last article on mistakes so now we can concentrate on different aspects of wrestling.

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