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New Website!

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All right guys. First off thank you for being patient.

Secondly the site is still being improved and added too like with the moves portion. But if you guys have any wrestling pictures or videos that you would like to send in then feel free to do so. Then when they are recieved they will be placed somewhere on the site. Also if there are any suggestions to improve the site feel free to also write. The more that you guys send in the more improved the site can become.

The link to the new site is:

New Website Coming Up

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As some of you may have noticed, there have been no additional blogs added lately. This is due to the construction of a new site that will hopefully be up and running by next week. Thank you for your patience, and when that site is completed then there will be a post up on here telling you so as well as providing a link.

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Wrestling Tips

Three-Quarter Nelson with wrestling tips

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  • When your opponent is down on the mat and you are on top of him the first thing you want to do is get him flat on the mat
  • Now slide your left hand under his left arm and put your left hand on the back of your opponents neck
  • Then hook your right leg around your opponents left leg. To hook your leg around his take your right leg and stick it between his legs and slide it under his left leg. Thats how you hook your legs around your opponent
  • Then with your right hand you want to reach under his chest and grab onto your left forearm
  • Now pull his head down and tick it in- so his head is by his knees/upper thighs
  • But you still want to have his head resting on the mat
  • From here walk from his left knee towards his head so you can roll his body onto his shoulders

Wrestling tips

  • make sure that you always keep constant pressure on your opponent so he doesn’t try to escape, always keep him flat on the mat
  • make sure when you are making your three-quarter nelson that you make the lock as tight as possible. This will make it harder for your opponent to try to escape and it will make it hurt worse for him

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Long Sit-Out with wrestling tips

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  • So this is when your down on all fours and want to escape from under your opponent
  • Plant your left hand on the mat firmly
  • Then you want to swing your legs out as far as you can in front of yourself
  • While you do step 3, and your legs are still in the air from swinging them out from under you, you want to land on your left hip
  • As your doing steps 3 and 4 your opponent should lose his hold on you
  • So as your on your left hip you want to kick your right leg over your left leg so now your stomach is facing the mat, and you and your opponent will be facing each other too
  • From there you can scrammble to your feet.

Wrestling tips

  • When your doing moves like these you want to move quickly so that you can get your opponent to lose his grip on you. If you do act too slow then he will be able to move around with you and stay on top of you.
  • If you are going to do this move in a match make sure that you have practiced it diligently so that this move is second nature to you. Becuase if its not and you try to perform this move your opponent may be able to snap you down to your back when you kick your legs out in front of you.
  • If at first you don’t succeed, that does not mean that you shouldn’t try it again. When your on bottom you need to keep moving so you can wear your opponent out and sooner or later you will be able to escape or get a reversal.

Half Nelson with wrestling tips

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  • When your opponent is on the ground and you are on top of him the first thing that you want to do is get your opponent flat on their stomach
  • Then slide your left hand under his left arm and put your hand on the back of his neck
  • Keep constant pressure on him so he will stay flat
  • With your free hand grab your opponents right wrist so he cant try to get free
  • Now you want to get on your opponents left side because when you get on his side you will be using your left arm and body to roll your opponent onto his back

Wrestling Tips

  • when you put your left hand under your opponents left arm and place your left hand on the back of his neck you want to make sure that you make that lock really tight. If it is not then you wont be able to roll your opponent as efficiently. Even if you can roll him it will be easier for him to escape. But if you keep your lock tight then not only will it be hard for him to escape, but when you roll him you want to make the lock tighter so it hurts him. This will make him squirm less so you try to not only get back-points but maybe a pin.
  • When you go to roll your opponent do not just push him straight on. You want to push as an angle towards his head because it will be easier to get him to go to his back.

Stand Up with wrestling tips

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  • This move is performed when you are down on all fours and your opponent is on top of you. This is an escape move and not a reversal
  • For steps 3-6 you have to do them all at the same time
  • With your left leg you will step up onto your foot. While your other leg is still on its knee. When you do this step you also want to arch your back a little so now your leaning into your opponent
  • Also you will throw your left arm into the air
  • While you do this your opponent will try to grab around your waist to keep you down.
  • So use your right hand to grab your opponents right wrist when he does grab around you
  • Now you can come up so your standing on both feet, still arching your back into your opponent
  • If his hands are not locked around you then you can pivet towards him so you both are back in neutral position
  • If his hands are locked around your waist then push your thumbs in between your stomach and his hands and then wrap your fingers around his hands
  • Now if his locked hands are closer to your left hip then step forward with your left foot and push your hip out and visa versa
  • By doing this you are stretching your opponent so he can not keep an as strong grip on you
  • At the same time when you push your hip out with your hands still in the step 9 position try to break his grip by pushing them further outward and pulling his hands apart When you break his grip, pivet towards him so your both in neutral position

Wrestling Tips

  • The key to this is not only to move quick but to also keep constant pressure on your opponent by arching your back, and also when you push your hip out so that you are stretching him out and he will not be able to lock around you as tightly. Which is key to your escape
  • Make sure that if your opponent picks you up and takes you back to the mat that you do not give up. Just start this move over and over again until you can perform it successfully. Because I always see kids give up on a move when it fails the first time but if you keep attempting sooner or later you will tire out your opponent and will be able to escape.
  • When your thumbs are between your stomach and your opponents hands, and the rest of your hands are locked around his hands make sure that your push his hands foreward away from him and break his lock. If you dont do this then you will never be able to succeed at this escape

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