Greco-Roman Wrestling Rules

Basic Rules

  • Can’t touch your opponent below the waist- so this style is all about using your upper body
  • Plus you can’t use your legs to trip, or execute other moves
  • You still have 3 two minute periods but to win you have to win 2 of the 3 rounds
  • Each period is broken up into 60 seconds for neutral position and two 30 second rounds for ground wrestling
  • Who ever scores the most points in the first 60 seconds is the first to be on top for the first 30 second round. If the person on top fails to score any points within that time period then the person on bottom is awarded 1 point. Then the person on bottom gets to wrestle on top to get the chance to score some points
  • If nobody scores in the first 60 seconds then a coin is flipped to see who is on top first
  • Period is decided by who accumulated the most points during both the standing and ground phases


  • Takedown = 1-5 points: One for just taking him to his stomach or side on the mat, three for a takdeown taking him to his stomach, or side then to his back or for a throw, then five for a “grand amplitude” throw that brought your opponents feet above his head. By the way if you do a “grand amplitude” throw and are awarded five points the match automatically ends and you win.
  • Reversal = 1 point
  • Exposure or when your opponents back faces the mat  = 2-3 points
  • Penalty = 1-2 points
  • Pushing/knocking opponent out of bounds = 1 point

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