High Single Leg- with wrestling tips

  • If you lead with your right foot then you will shoot for your opponents left leg and visa versa.
  • Once you clear his hands and you have an open shot then lower your stance and take a deep penetration step with your lead foot
  • When you take that step your foot will be on the outside of your opponents leg- and just like the double leg you should be on your knee momentarily till you get a hold of his leg
  • From there you grasp your hands together around your opponents knee
  • Then as you lift his leg in the air and you come to a standing postition put the side of your head into his ribs
  • To finish you can do a few things. One thing is a sit back. To do this slide your grip from your opponents knee to his upper thigh. Then sit down on your right hip while also driving your head into his stomach/chest backward. The other finishing option you have is to just trip your competitor foreward. So once you have your opponents leg in the air use your right foot if thats your lead and trip him above his right knee. Also drive him forward at the same time.

Wrestling Tips

  • Make sure you have an open shot. Most wrestlers will shoot regardless, and if you do that then you will find that your opponent will sprawl and then can spin around you and get the takedown. So make sure he is open before shooting.
  • Also when you have your arms locked around your opponents leg make sure you keep a tight lock and keep your head close to his body so you can keep constant pressure on him.
  • Lastly when you have his leg in the air dont just stand there while you attemp to take him to the mat. Always keep moving around so your opponent will be more concentrated on keeping his balance and not on trying to escpae.

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