Half Nelson with wrestling tips

  • When your opponent is on the ground and you are on top of him the first thing that you want to do is get your opponent flat on their stomach
  • Then slide your left hand under his left arm and put your hand on the back of his neck
  • Keep constant pressure on him so he will stay flat
  • With your free hand grab your opponents right wrist so he cant try to get free
  • Now you want to get on your opponents left side because when you get on his side you will be using your left arm and body to roll your opponent onto his back

Wrestling Tips

  • when you put your left hand under your opponents left arm and place your left hand on the back of his neck you want to make sure that you make that lock really tight. If it is not then you wont be able to roll your opponent as efficiently. Even if you can roll him it will be easier for him to escape. But if you keep your lock tight then not only will it be hard for him to escape, but when you roll him you want to make the lock tighter so it hurts him. This will make him squirm less so you try to not only get back-points but maybe a pin.
  • When you go to roll your opponent do not just push him straight on. You want to push as an angle towards his head because it will be easier to get him to go to his back.

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