Three-Quarter Nelson with wrestling tips

  • When your opponent is down on the mat and you are on top of him the first thing you want to do is get him flat on the mat
  • Now slide your left hand under his left arm and put your left hand on the back of your opponents neck
  • Then hook your right leg around your opponents left leg. To hook your leg around his take your right leg and stick it between his legs and slide it under his left leg. Thats how you hook your legs around your opponent
  • Then with your right hand you want to reach under his chest and grab onto your left forearm
  • Now pull his head down and tick it in- so his head is by his knees/upper thighs
  • But you still want to have his head resting on the mat
  • From here walk from his left knee towards his head so you can roll his body onto his shoulders

Wrestling tips

  • make sure that you always keep constant pressure on your opponent so he doesn’t try to escape, always keep him flat on the mat
  • make sure when you are making your three-quarter nelson that you make the lock as tight as possible. This will make it harder for your opponent to try to escape and it will make it hurt worse for him

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One Response to “Three-Quarter Nelson with wrestling tips”

  1. Darrel Yazzie Says:

    very understanding, good wrestling moves.

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